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What kyaras? What is Kyara color?

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Welcome English Page This is not write in japanese There is a little to about contents.kyara color is very complexity becouse you have to know genuine article. [So to clue However kyaras some type so to divide]So to clue is color  .Kyara color divide made it famous from 1970s HongKong.
The classification of the color of the Kyara is judged by appearance and it is quite rough

The lines of scents are similar.

In Japan, it is judged only by appearance, but it is classified into 5 ranks in appearance, aroma, collection situation in the in Chaina and Hong Kong
In detail 
Chinese · Greenery of the Greater China Zhuan South Korea Gaza Okazukuni 2 Revised Edition  [Chinese Kynam color selections from Hong Kong )

It is famous in Japan that it is a green type 

I do not think that green oil is the most important as well as yellow oil is the best. 
ALL Kyara is fundamentally any Very Perfect! in ager wood

Kyara is a different type of fragrance, even though it is completely different.
However Kyara common fragrance certainly to have.This is one most of conditions.It KODO(香道)MONKHO(聞香)is Actualy this is very important .Image of lineage

Green Type(GreenTypeKyara/Green Oil)緑油伽羅 It is very famous in Japan becouse very expensive.Anyhow refreshingly gorgeous! There are also things that look shimmer like gems.
It feels like a universal fragrance.
Be sure to have green oil for the first time!
Although it has a strong fragrance power, you can feel that it is still a mass of fragrance.
Unique gorgeous character (balance)

Blue Type (blue oil 青油伽羅)

It is a kind of green or purple or other than that oil, it can not be distinguished depending on light adjustment.Fragrance is very very good and  It does not come out (So I like it !)
Violet Types Violet oil (紫系統・紫油伽羅)
Please imagine cherry blossoms and apricots and image the little devils of the girls.
Basically it is characterized by sweetness.
Strange taste not glamorous
Orchid scent
Yellow Types    (Include Yellow oil 黄油伽羅 黄伽羅)It is a pungent and strong tie, which is mixed with recent things.
Gutsyly bitterness and pungent taste come so you can reset your brains.
The appearance is not greasy and it is not spicy, but the characteristic is persistence of scent.
Featuring sweetness and pungent sweetness alternating
There are things that are shining in golden colors.

Basically there are things that peculiarity is peculiar and it seems tough.

Depending on the thing, it is to see close to the green oil Karara, so as a green oil calyre

Many things being sold, most of the green oil kyara being sold in increments becomes here

I am thinking on my experience.

Black Type  include Black oil (黒伽羅 黒油伽羅)
It does not hurt even if it is put in your eyes = It does not hurt even if it is put in your nose
Although it is heavy and heavy, it looks like a thick version of perfume, but my nose does not bend.
Blackness like black ink, solid surface glowing and rich taste Will come ~ ~ ~ at last.

Still it is mature and too wonderful.

It is very rare and I hardly see it.

I also saw the actual thing only once, and the price was about 3 million yen.

Until now I had misunderstood the petroleum furara as a black oil filament, for the real

If it is a black oil kyara Chinese style is No one

Additional black oil type 2 

There are only things that are said to be the top of green grease in Greater China.

It looks darker and the scent is like an elegant filtering of the green oil filial.

White Type include White oil (legendary class)(白油伽羅)

It is pure white and cascus and light anyway, but there are many things with five gates.

Elegant extremely fragrant sustainability is outstanding, even at high temperatures it will not burn.

Although it is said that it is the highest peak in Karara, its existence is also a shop owner

It seems that I can not see it once in decades. (It may be about white leather green oil白皮緑油)

Red oil (赤油伽羅)

In China, it is a fellow of a agerwood which is said to be matured with red sugar and it is a garage collected from the soil
f it looks distinctive and you scrape it be powder.

GOOD RED OIL is very rere so it kyara  becaouse sold out in japan Was 20 years ago 

The to have Name Kyara .Do not color divide because be contrary to spirit  KHODO(香道)

I think that it is not very circulating in the White leather green oil kyara (白皮緑油伽羅)on your own terms.
Because it seems that there are many cases where you sell it after peeling off the part of the leather.

Additional white leather green oil

Although I saw it a couple of times, it would be good to think that it is the finest grade of green oil.

In the first place to witness the white skin it is necessary to witness the appropriate size log

It is a pattern that does not appear on the table much. Even if you possess it, it will be hard to understand if it is a state of split or fragrance tree.

The fragrance was a thing with a feeling like being extremely elegant with the fragrance of the green oil calyx.

I think at least it is better than green greasy.

As it turns out that the way you look pretty changes with light adjustment

Green oil, purple oil, yellow oil may be enough.

Although it is hard to understand in the photograph, it color-coded the handy charad.

Finally choosing a color of a bead when choosing a kyara is very helpful, 
but judging just the color is not a good thing. 
The fragrance of fragrance is different thing by tree.

Colored different by the color to which you should get

1 Beginner · First time 1 g · What is Kyrara?

A = Green oil kyara (as much as possible)

2 Orchid scent · apricot · strawberry etc. High sensitive sweetness hope · small devil girls’ desire · I want to enjoy the Kyara even at a relatively low price.

A = Purple oil  (good quality item)

3 I like Sham Agerwood, but the Kyara is too strong.

A = Purple oil Kyara or Green type

4 I like the scent of  · Beginners · I want plain and easy to understand

A = Yellow Oil Kyara

5 I have confidence in my nose · To some extent various types of kyara gathered, but I want one reversal

A = black oil kyara

6 I like the elegance of the Karara but I want to burn it with charcoal, I also want specialness even in scrums

A =White leather green oil 

7  I want a bamboo shoot in a garage, this is a furara and a turtle
A = Green oil fillet (raw tree raw type)

8    I want a very old kyara

A = Since it is an old agerwood, it is not always a good thing, but the fact that the quality of the whole was good is a fact

There are many special types in the Showa era that can not distinguish between purple oil and green oil calamities

9 I want to use a easy with burning incense

A = variety of shreds

10 I want a figure of a figure because the fragrance may be slightly inferior for display

A =Dose not color type Kyara

11 I want a god of the Meiji era before Showa(1920s~1980s)

A = Purple oil calyx (a type in which a miracle occurs if it is put on a silver leaf even though the palm is black like an agarwood)

この見た目での伽羅の区別は中華圏が発祥です。日本ではなんとなく見た目だけで判断されますが、本場では見た目、香り、採集状況で5~6ランクに分類されます。詳しく 中国・中華圏の伽羅  奇南 奇南香 伽南香 奇楠 改2訂版(2018年4月より公開停止中)

緑油系これぞ伽羅と言わんばかりのとにかくさわやか華やか!見た目も宝石のように輝いている物もあります。なんとも言えない万能的な香りに感じます。初めての伽羅はぜひ緑油を!かなり香りのパワーが強いですがそれでも芳香の塊だと実感できるでしょう。独特の華やかさが特徴 (苦みと甘みor酸み)


紫油系 重く重厚なんですが香水の濃い版みたいなんだけど鼻は曲がらない。桜とかあんずをイメージして美少女の小悪魔系をイメージしてください。目に入れても痛くない=鼻に入れても痛くない基本的に甘味が特徴です。香りが交互に来て甘味と辛味が特徴華やかでなく筋の通った味通称 蘭の香り


黒油系 (一般的に黒油という伽羅は紫油の一種だった)墨のような黒さ、ベタベタの表面 熱烈かつ濃厚な味が来ます。 
それでいて円熟していてあまりにもすばらしい。 五味が雑味になる寸前の最高の芳香で舞い上がりました。⇒(すべて色分けに限らず良質な伽羅に共通する一種の特徴) 非常に稀でほとんど見かけません。


追加黒油伽羅タイプ2 黒赤伽羅中華圏で緑油伽羅の上位と言われているだけのことはあります。見た目は薄黒く、香りは緑油伽羅をろ過して更に上品にしたようなイメージ。

白油 (伝説級)真っ白でカスカスでとにかく軽いが、五味完備の物が多く。上品の極みな香りで持続性は抜群に優れる、高温でも焦げない。伽羅の中で最高峰と言われているが、その存在は香木店店主でも数十年に1回見れるか見れないからしい。(注・白皮緑油のことかもしれません)
赤油 中国では紅糖熟結といわれる伽羅の仲間で土から採集された伽羅で砂糖の焦げる香り、黒糖の甘味を生じる伽羅の仲間で国内では粉伽羅や刻み伽羅に混入されがちです。見た目が独特で削ると粉になります。ただこれが伽羅に判定されるかどうかは国内では各香舗にゆだねられます。